We'll first begin with a questionnaire. This will help me get to know you a little more so I know what to highlight in your photographs. This will also let me know what you plan to wear and how you want to be photographed. What do you love the most about yourself that you want to highlight in YOUR photographs? How do you want to be remembered? This will help me make a mood board that will help you choose your outfits to bring to your session and to provide an overall brief of the direction we'll be taking for your photographs. An itinerary will be emailed to you with the studio address, time, date, and overall logistics.



tHE SESSION + reveal

Arrive bare faced and ready for fun! Our studio is private and includes a restroom, changing station, makeup/hair station, and shooting area. You'll have hair and makeup done first while I set everything else up. Once hair and makeup is done you'll step into your first outfit! I'm 100% directive so you never not know what to do next. I know all the flattering angles and will make you look fabulous. We'll go through this with all of your outfits! After your session is done (3-4 hours later), you'll come back approx. week later for your reveal where you pick the photographs you want to purchase and keep! You'll be able to bring those photos home in your hands at the end of the reveal. Please click here to view the full pricing menu.


wardrobe ideas

what outfits to bring

I recommend bringingfive outfits. For solo sessions, we'll be able to fit all five outfits, but if you're bringing a guest, we'll be able to fit 2-3 outfits per person (depending on how many there will be). Always bring one 'comfy' outfit, something that's you, but just a dressed up version of it. The rest I recommend to be glamorous, classic, and dreamy (cocktail dresses, black-tie gowns, tulle skirts, etc.). Nude pumps matches everything, but feel free to bring dramatic shoes that you love, we're also going to shoot a few barefoot as well.

the most important thing

The most important thing is that your outfits should flatter your body type, skin tone, and make you FEEL beautiful in EVERY angle. Avoid anything too baggy because we want to show off your figure in the most flattering way, but we want you to be COMFORTABLE, so avoid anything too tight (be sure you're able to sit down comfortably). Also, avoid any distracting patterns (like tiny contrasting florals or stripes) - solid colors is the way to go. Play around with textures and fabric for variety (ex. lace + chiffon).

how to prepare for your session

  • Don't do anything dramatically different to your skin care regime to avoid any reactions. Exfoliate a few days before the session to have a smoother face canvas and be well moisturize.
  • Be sure you have eaten and are well hydrated.
  • Have your nails done either at home or professionally. Hands are such an important aspect and will be used to frame your face and body. We're also going to shoot an outfit bare-footed, so get a DIY or professional mani-pedi!
  • Last but not least, have FUN!!!