I'm Emma, a dreamer, a hopeless romantic, a story-teller. I believe that the entire universe conspires soul mates to find each other. That serendipity, wander-lust, adventures, and the grand scheme of life are to be celebrated. As a photographer, I document your story. Stories will outlive us when we're long gone. They are our legacy and they are worthy. I am eternally grateful to photograph love for a living; to be consumed with art and beauty on a daily basis.

Ether & Smith is based in southern California, available worldwide, and a preferred photographer of Style me Pretty and Wedding Sparrow.



1. I quit my registered nursing job after two weeks to do photography full time five years ago, and here I am.

2. I'm that person who is chilling with the host's pet at a party.

3. I am a foodie and tea lover.

4. I am a video game playing, comic book reading,
science fiction/fantasy loving nerd.

5. I could people watch all day long.  

6. Polar bear bums are so cute.

7. I'd like to retire in a tree house on cat island or a cabin around endless green hills running an animal sanctuary. That, or exploring the universe.


Growing up as an only child, I had to get creative. Although I never had any imaginary friends, I had imaginary worlds. Worlds where I would be crawling through secret passageways in ancient cities, but in reality it was a sheet thrown over the dining chairs, or I would be repelling down a castle to escape intruders, but in reality it was me jumping down from the couch.I wanted to be a mad scientist, a space explorer (not an astronaut because I thought space travel would be a norm by now!), a secret agent, archaeologist, a painter, and so on and so on...

My love for discovery, observation, wonder, mystery, and story telling made me who I am now; a historian for lovers.

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